Lensbaby Project | August 2013 | Of Water & Air

  Little girl equally likes both shimmering water & crystal air…..  Filling an afternoon with splashing…. flying…. splashing…. flying…..  and lots of squeals of joy.   Lensbaby Composer Pro w/ Edge 80 @ f/4 Please go visit my friend Andrea’s masterful & creative use of her Lensbaby.

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monika - love the action and the mood of beach lensbaby shots!

Nina - great focus on the action shots here! so fun!

Tami - These are very sweet.. I love the one with her up in the air!!

Michele Q - Oh what fun! Love it!

Sivyu - Great photos! I love the lensbaby at the beach.

A Bubble’s Life….

  Bubble blowing is a common experience in a small one’s life of play.  It’s such a universally joyful activity to witness…… a sweet faced child making such large efforts to blow shiny bubbles.  But what about the bubble’s point of view?  I imagine they are eagerly trying to escape from the fury of childhood […]

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CM Monthly Project | Beautiful Ugly | Memorial

For the last month I’ve been on the hunt for a photographic subject that embodied the theme “beautiful ugly”.  I tried bugs, weeds, brown & dead foliage, dirty dishes, messy chaos of toys.  No matter how many photos I took, though I could make the ugly subjects beautiful, I was just not very moved. I […]

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Lisa - Wow, moving post – you nailed it. I am humbled.

Alissa Dare - Thank you for appreciating this and sharing. It is beautiful and ugly. My dad was a Vietnam vet and it hits close to home for me.

The Lensbaby Project | May 2013 | Flora Softness

  I love my Soft Focus optic.  Lends a dreamy and soft watercolor feel to floral shots.  I can just imagine the tiny fairies that would make these blooms their home!       After you’ve enjoyed these be sure to visit Nina Zagrebelsky Mingioni to see her beautiful Lensbaby images.

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Claire Lane - Ohhhh these are gorgeous!!!

Melanie - Great processing on these. I can imagine how soft and delicate these flowers are.

Monika - I love the dreamy look of your pics! just great!

Nina - wow, Lisa, these are gorgeous!!!! such softness, delicate color. great job!

Heather - These do look like watercolor paintings! So pretty! Really enjoyed your post this month.

Andrea Lythgoe - Lilacs are my favorite! And I can almost smell them looking at these images. I need to try the soft focus optic.

May Lensbaby Circle | Jess C Photography - [...] Thanks for visiting my blog!  Please follow the blog circle to the next fabulous lady in our group, Lisa Sheehan. [...]

Jess - OOOh, I love these Lisa! Beautiful lilacs!

Alexis - Love the dreaminess of these. They have that almost painted look to them. Great work!