radiant high school senior ~ brilliant fall colors {Medway MA photographer}

Say hello to this golden haired beauty.  I’m completely enamored with Madison’s hair.  And smile.  And laugh.  And sense of humor!  There is much to like about this witty and sweet Medway High senior.  She’s a bit brilliant.  And wicked with a lacrosse stick!  Getting Madison to smile was completely effortless.  As a matter of […]

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Wendy | Medway High Class of 2015 | Massachusetts Senior Photographer

It’s a rather dreary September day and I’m wishing for the sun.  Perfect time to introduce you to Wendy and tell of the road trip we took for her senior portraits.  Wendy is a fan of all things sun & beach & outdoors.  She was really wanting a beach session up at Crane’s Beach in […]

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Caryn Scanlan - Lisa, these are STUNNING. What a beautiful girl, and beautiful photos <3

Lensbaby Project | August 2013 | Of Water & Air

  Little girl equally likes both shimmering water & crystal air…..  Filling an afternoon with splashing…. flying…. splashing…. flying…..  and lots of squeals of joy.   Lensbaby Composer Pro w/ Edge 80 @ f/4 Please go visit my friend Andrea’s masterful & creative use of her Lensbaby.

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monika - love the action and the mood of beach lensbaby shots!

Nina - great focus on the action shots here! so fun!

Tami - These are very sweet.. I love the one with her up in the air!!

Michele Q - Oh what fun! Love it!

Sivyu - Great photos! I love the lensbaby at the beach.

A Bubble’s Life….

  Bubble blowing is a common experience in a small one’s life of play.  It’s such a universally joyful activity to witness…… a sweet faced child making such large efforts to blow shiny bubbles.  But what about the bubble’s point of view?  I imagine they are eagerly trying to escape from the fury of childhood […]

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CM Monthly Project | Beautiful Ugly | Memorial

For the last month I’ve been on the hunt for a photographic subject that embodied the theme “beautiful ugly”.  I tried bugs, weeds, brown & dead foliage, dirty dishes, messy chaos of toys.  No matter how many photos I took, though I could make the ugly subjects beautiful, I was just not very moved. I […]

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Lisa - Wow, moving post – you nailed it. I am humbled.

Alissa Dare - Thank you for appreciating this and sharing. It is beautiful and ugly. My dad was a Vietnam vet and it hits close to home for me.

The Lensbaby Project | May 2013 | Flora Softness

  I love my Soft Focus optic.  Lends a dreamy and soft watercolor feel to floral shots.  I can just imagine the tiny fairies that would make these blooms their home!       After you’ve enjoyed these be sure to visit Nina Zagrebelsky Mingioni to see her beautiful Lensbaby images.

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Claire Lane - Ohhhh these are gorgeous!!!

Melanie - Great processing on these. I can imagine how soft and delicate these flowers are.

Monika - I love the dreamy look of your pics! just great!

Nina - wow, Lisa, these are gorgeous!!!! such softness, delicate color. great job!

Heather - These do look like watercolor paintings! So pretty! Really enjoyed your post this month.

Andrea Lythgoe - Lilacs are my favorite! And I can almost smell them looking at these images. I need to try the soft focus optic.

May Lensbaby Circle | Jess C Photography - […] Thanks for visiting my blog!  Please follow the blog circle to the next fabulous lady in our group, Lisa Sheehan. […]

Jess - OOOh, I love these Lisa! Beautiful lilacs!

Alexis - Love the dreaminess of these. They have that almost painted look to them. Great work!

The Lensbaby Project | April 2013 | Red Sox

Nothing heralds spring in New England like the Red Sox.  We wait out the winter months — patiently turning calendar pages until April.  Then our dutiful patience is rewarded.  The gates of Fenway open.  This year we took our two youngest to their first Red Sox game.  It was our first family game — and […]

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Nina - baseball dream, lol. sorry for cliche. these are fun, Lisa! great out of the box thinking.

Heather Chang - What a challenging subject! Love what you did here with the lensbaby. I wouldn’t have thought of trying LB with sports. Awesome. Love Fenway too!

Monika - great job!

Sivyu - Nice shots! I would never think of lensbaby and sports but you did a great job!

Courtney Breul - Love this! Baseball is the perfect sign of spring! And, what amazing seats!!!

Alexis Fischer - Love These! The lensbaby really works well with the action going on. And I’m slightly jealous of the great seats 😉

Andrea Lythgoe - Love them! I can hear Sweet Caroline playing as I watch. And dh is jealous of your seats!

Melanie H. - I think you did a great job capturing the essence of this sport with your Lensbaby. Play ball! 🙂

Lensbaby Project {April} » Alexis Fischer Photography - […] Make sure you check out the next photographer in our circle Lisa Bodio Sheehan […]