Workshop Reviews

What’s being said about Lisa Sheehan Photography workshops:


“At our son’s high school hockey games I would seek out the professional photographer and ask him to set my camera to capture the action and then I would write it down.  But not having an understanding of the ‘why’ or ‘how’ of the camera settings, I was not able to adjust the settings for the shot I was taking.  After attending “It’s Not About the Camera” I gained an understandingof the “why and how” and now know how to make setting adjustments to capture memories.”

~ Lorie H.


“This class makes you feel you are getting so much more out of your camera than if you had just tried to learn on your own.  Lisa makes the class fun without the pressure to be perfect.  She helps students apply the knowledge to their everyday photography.”

~ Melissa G


“Lisa provides you with the essential tools to use your digital SLR camera with confidence and makes you excited to keep on shooting!”

~ Laura K.


“I bought a DSLR camera and could only use it as a point and shoot.  I knew there was much more to learn and wanted to get insight on the basics of good photography.  This class exceeded my expectations and I’m very excited to apply the techniques of what I learned in this class.”

Ron W.


“I had no idea there were so many things to know with my camera!  And I can’t believe how much Lisa knows about it all.   No matter what question I had or what I was struggling with, she had an answer.  She is amazingly patient and really thorough and was born to teach (and take pictures!).  I also really appreciated being able to email her mid-week when I was having a hard time with something.  She always took the time to help me.”

~ Judy S.


“My expectations were more than met.  I certainly know more about my camera than before.  I wouldn’t go off the auto setting but now I’m ready to explore everything on my camera.  The class exercises were great because I became more willing to take chances with my shots.  The instructor is very knowledgeable and skillful.  I’m looking forward to reading the books she recommended to help learn my camera better.  Great class!”

~ Denis H.



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