Photography Workshops and Learning Opportunities

Beautiful photography is both powerful and moving.  And for most of us it tells the story of our lives.  That’s why we buy cameras.  To catch those moments before they wooooosh past us.

Some of us have fancy cameras with the latest technology.  Some of us have simple point and shoot cameras.   Most of us will grab for our cell phone when we want to capture that fleeting moment, joy-filled expression, awed discovery, triumphant experience.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what kind of camera we have.  In the end, we just want to capture the little things that matter most.

                                                The best camera you’ve got —

                                                                                                                 — is the one you have with you.

How I can help you:   I love to teach just as much as I love to make pictures.  So it makes perfect sense to marry the two things I love and help you to capture the things you love.  No fancy camera needed.  No aspirations to be the next Ansel Adams.  No pre-existing knowledge of all the bells, whistles and buttons.  You don’t even have to understand your camera manual!  (don’t worry — no one does!)

I’m a professional educator with a master’s degree and certifications in both high school English and elementary education.  This experience allows me to create a rich photography workshop curriculum that focuses on the most useful aspects of both your camera (the technology) and basic principles of photography (the art).  All workshops are structured to include hands on exercises, independent practice and experimentation, shared image review, and concrete and useful feedback.  Current offerings include:

Digital Photography Made Easy   |   3 hour workshop

Introduction to Photographic Composition   |   3 hour workshop

Organizing & Archiving Your Digital Photos   |   3 hour workshop

It’s Not About the Camera   |   6 week workshop

It’s Not About the Camera II   |   6 week workshop

iPhonography   |   2 week workshop

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All workshops are offered on a regular basis through Medway Community Education as well as in small group and private instruction.  For more information please see the current brochure on the Medway Community Education site or Contact me directly.